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Journal Articles

Articles submitted for publication

  • Holmes, R. M., Zika, J.D., Ferrari, R., Thompson, A., Newsom, E. and England, M.H.: Atlantic ocean heat transport enabled by Indo-Pacific heat uptake and mixing. Submitted to Geophysical Research Letters

  • Kiss A. E. et al.: ACCESS-OM2: A Global Ocean-Sea Ice Model at Three Resolutions. Submitted to Geophysical Model Development.

  • Archer M., Schaeffer A., Keating S., Roughan M., Holmes R., Siegelman L.: Observations of submesoscale instability and frontal subduction within the mesoscale eddy field of the Tasman Sea. Submitted to the Journal of Physical Oceanography


Ph.D. Thesis

Holmes R. M. (2016) Tropical Instability Waves and Mixing in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean, Stanford University, Supervisor: Professor Leif Thomas. PDF Link

Honours Thesis

Holmes R. M. (2010) The Morphology of Single Chain Asymmetric Block Copolymers in Poor Solvents, Australian National University, Supervisor: Professor David R. M. Williams. PDF Link

Media Articles

Data Sets

  • de Lavergne, C., Madec, G., Roquet, F., Holmes, R. M. and McDougall, T. J. (2017). Neutrally Averaged Radiocarbon Climatology (NCEI Accession 0166518). Version 1.1. NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information. Dataset. [2017-09-13] LINK