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Journal Articles







Articles submitted for publication

  • Huguenin, M., Holmes, R. M. and England, M.: Diabatic Contributions to Warm Water Volume Variability Over ENSO Events. Submitted to the Journal of Climate

  • Holmes, R. M. and McDougall, T. J.: Diapycnal transport near a sloping bottom boundary. Submitted to the Journal of Physical Oceanography


Ph.D. Thesis

Holmes R. M. (2016) Tropical Instability Waves and Mixing in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean, Stanford University, Supervisor: Professor Leif Thomas. PDF Link

Honours Thesis

Holmes R. M. (2010) The Morphology of Single Chain Asymmetric Block Copolymers in Poor Solvents, Australian National University, Supervisor: Professor David R. M. Williams. PDF Link

Media Articles

Data Sets

  • de Lavergne, C., Madec, G., Roquet, F., Holmes, R. M. and McDougall, T. J. (2017). Neutrally Averaged Radiocarbon Climatology (NCEI Accession 0166518). Version 1.1. NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information. Dataset. [2017-09-13] LINK

  • Holmes, R. M., Zika, J.D., Ferrari, R., Thompson, A., Newsom, E. and England, M.H. (2019): Atlantic ocean heat transport enabled by Indo-Pacific heat uptake and mixing. UNSW dataset, Research Data Australia