About me

I am a Senior Research Associate in the Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes, the Climate Change Research Centre and the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of New South Wales. I study the physics of ocean circulation using theoretical techniques, a range of idealized and realistic ocean models (ROMS, MOM5, MOM6, Dedalus) and analysis of satellite and in-situ oceanographic data.

Research Interests

More information on these projects can be found on the projects page.

  • Equatorial Dynamics, Turbulent Mixing and Tropical Instability Waves: I am interested in equatorial dynamics and in particular on how processes on short timescales (months to seconds), such as tropical instability waves (TIWs), internal gravity waves and small-scale turbulence, can influence the seasonal, inter-annual and decadal variability of the tropical regions.

  • Ocean Heat Transport in Temperature Space Using novel diagnostics in the MOM-SIS and ACCESS-OM2 global ocean models, I have been studying how the ocean transports heat vertically, meridionally, and across water-mass boundaries, and how this heat transport is influenced by diabatic processes in the form of surface forcing and interior mixing.

  • Abyssal Mixing and the Abyssal Diapycnal Circulation: I am interested in the diapycnal overturning of the abyssal oceans and how the topography of the seafloor can influence the transformation of Antarctic Bottom Water into lighter water masses and their ultimate return to the surface.

  • Antarctic coastal circulation and subsurface warming: I am also involved in work aiming to understand the mechanisms that can bring warm Circumpolar Deep Water onto the Antarctic continental shelf, potentially increasing the melt rate of vulnerable ice shelves.

This website contains my CV, publications and talks. I am also in the process of adding a series of summaries of completed and current research projects (TBC…). If you wish to know more or have any other questions, please contact me at ryan.holmes@unsw.edu.au